Legionnaire Games is the publisher of the Strike Legion, Task Force Zeta, and Close Quarters series of wargaming rulebooks for playing out Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and Historical miniatures battles on your tabletop.

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Updated 1 April 2014: The last 10 months have not been as productive as we would have liked due to personal difficulties, but we're still alive and working hard on several projects (including the Strike Legion Tactical Compendium, slated for a late April/early May release).

In the interim, we've released Weltkrieg, a grand tactical simulation of WWII on the Eastern Front based on the Strike Legion: Planetary Operations game engine; Close Quarters: Infestation, the second in our Print 'n Play boardgame series of man-to-man combat in the 25th century; and Close Quarters: Skirmish Miniatures Rules, which expands on the mechanics of the Close Quarters boardgame titles to include vehicles and outdoor settings, along with complete rules for creating your own units, campaign games, and a selection of units from the forthcoming First Secession War sourcebook.

We're also working on redesigning this site (which is definitely in need of a global update and overhaul), so the new titles mentioned above have not yet been added to the Products page - they'll appear in the appropriate place when the redesigned site is launched.

In the meantime, you can access, read about, and purchase these new titles by visiting our Wargame Vault products page. While Close Quarters: Infestation is a PDF-only product as far as the rules are concerned, pre-printed room/corridor tile sets for both Close Quarters boardgame modules are available, attractively printed on heavy gloss cardstock, and helpful with your Close Quarters or SciFi RPG gaming needs.

Both the Weltkrieg and Close Quarters: Skirmish books are available in both PDF and print formats; a printed set of data cards for Weltkrieg is also available.

Thanks for bearing with us while we get back on track, and look for more frequent updates and army list downloads in the coming months!

Updated 7 May 2013: No, we're not dead - just negligent in updating our site. Over the intervening months, Legionnaire Games has been busy, releasing a total of 8 new products! They are:

Two print 'n play PDF books in a new series of simple, fast-paced man-to-man combat boardgames, Close Quarters: The Prometheus Incident (released August 2012) and Close Quarters: Infestation (released 7 May 2013). Each game uses room and corridor tiles to create the playing surface, and contains extra tiles for players to create their own scenarios; Infestation also provides guidelines and a point value system to convert the Close Quarters game system to a fast-playing tabletop miniatures game.

Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel (released January 2013) is a setting-specific starship combat module to re-create the First and Second War battles between the intelligent machines of the Cyberon and the humans of the United Colonies (and if this sounds familiar... well, let's just say some licensing fees are expensive. Very expensive).

This add-on module for Task Force Zeta contains 35+ unique starship and fighter classes, a brief historical background, short descriptions of each ship and fighter class, two battle scenarios, and two CG scenarios (one of which introduces a simple economic model to replace fleet losses over the protracted time periods represented by the CG).

Flesh and Steel also introduces a new (and far more attractive) data card format for the Task Force Zeta games series. And while we're on the subject of data cards...

Printed data card sets for the data cards found in Strike Legion: Skunk Works, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader, Task Force Zeta Vol. 1, Task Force Zeta Vol. 2, and Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel are available exclusively through your favorite OneBook Shelf site (Wargame Vault, RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, etc.). The Task Force Zeta card sets all benefit from the reformatting introduced in TFZ: Flesh and Steel, and the Strike Legion: Skunk Works data cards received a face lift as well, previewing what will become the standard data card format for the Strike Legion Tactical series.

Until we re-design the Products page to be more user-friendly, please use the product links posted above to preview each of these new releases, and thanks for hanging out while we get a bit more organized!

Updated 12 June 2012: The print edition of Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is now available!

Two new Platoon Leader army lists (for ACP Games' Federal and Makat figures) and one Planetary Ops army list (for Brigade's EuroFed line) have been posted to the Downloads page, along with a PDF with two styles of card backings for Platoon Leader data cards.

Updated 27 May 2012: Two Strike Legion Tactical army lists - the Terran Expeditionary Forces and Early Foundationists for use with models from Microworld Games - and three Planetary Operations TO&E: Early Foundationists, Terran Expeditionary Force, and Star Guardians have been posted to the Downloads page.

Updated 22 May 2012: Four new force lists for Strike Legion: Planetary Operations (for Brigade Models' AmRep and Neo-Soviets, plus the Renegades and Overlords) have been posted to the Downloads page.

Updated 13 May 2012: Four new force lists for Strike Legion: Platoon Leader have been posted to the Downloads page.

Also added the TFZ Q&A and House Rules document to the Downloads page.

Updated 8 May 2012: Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is now available, focusing on 15mm SciFi gaming! Not sure what the game entails? Check out the free Platoon Leader Infantry Primer!

Updated 12 April 2012: A Task Force Zeta battle report has been posted to the Downloads page.

News 31 March 2012:

Strike Legion is Going Retail!
Warpath Games Distributors is currently taking pre-orders from hobby retailers for the first retail shipment of the Strike Legion Main Rulebook. This edition varies from the currently available POD edition in that it has a B&W interitor instead of full color, and has a MSRP of $24.95. Other volumes in the Strike Legion and Task Force Zeta game lines will become available through retail channels in similar formats (B&W) at regular intervals over the next several months.

Strike Legion: Platoon Leader Release Imminent
Work continues on the long-promised Strike Legion Platoon Leader 15mm-based scifi small unit combat game, with ongoing playtesting and minor revisions to the text. The rules should be finalized and sent to the editor within the next fortnight, and released around the end of April. Matching Mag-Tokens from CorSec Engineering will be made available concurrently with the game's release.

Platoon Leader is slightly more detailed than the other two games in the Strike Legion series, but is capable of representing small unit actions from WWII, modern, and near-future ground combat, as well as having the vehicle systems and troop attributes to represent combatants from 'hard' and/or pulp scifi, space operas, and science fantasy settings.

New Planetary Ops Modules
Also in the works is the first of a series of World War II modules for Strike Legion: Planetary Operations. Black Eagle, Red Bear covers the conflict between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, 1941-45, and will include specific rules, scenarios, and data cards for Germany, Russia, Hungary, Rumania, and Italy. The game may also include units and rules for Polish and Finnish forces, allowing players to game any Eastern Front actioin from 1939 through the end of the war.

Two additional WWII books are planned for the series. The second book covers the Western, Desert, and Balkans areas of operations from '40-'45, and the third takes a look at the Pacific theater of operations, 1937-45.

Other Projects in the Works
Also in various stages of completion are:

  • A Strike Legion Tactical scenario book, which will most likely include a simple campaign system and new unit data cards, along with a small number of additional vehicle systems;
  • Two original background sourcebooks that introduce new (or develop existing) forces, with organizational and game data for all four game systems;
  • Platoon Leader Volume Two, which will add a number of optional rules, new team types, weapons, and team attributes to the game, along with conversion parameters to translate units between Platoon Leader and the Strike Legion Tactical game series;
  • Sector and Grand Galactic integrated campaign game systems, one of which will include a fleet-level space combat game based on Task Force Zeta (much in the same fashion that Planetary Ops is based on the Strike Legion tactical series)...

...and a few things we're not ready to divulge just yet. :)

That's all for this update - more will be posted as developments warrant. Thanks for checking in with us - roll well!

Updated 29 March 2012: Legionnaire Games has partnered with CorSec Engineering to produce custom magnetic token sets for all of our games. Each set contains 80 tokens and comes with a magnetic storage card. Visit CorSec Engineering's online store for product images and purchasing.

The gents at the Tactical Command message boards have kindly added a dedicated Strike Legion forum. Please stop by and post a message or two!

Updated 6 Feb. 2012: edit-enabled blank PDF Data Cards for Strike LEgion, Planetary Operations, ans Task Force Zeta have been added to the Downloads page.

Updated 21 January 2012: Task Force Zeta Volume Two: Fleet Auxiliaries has been released. See the Products page for more information.

Updated 22 November 2011: Four new sets of ship Data Cards for Task force Zeta (Fanheads, Spotheads, Colonists, and Toasters) have been added to the Downloads page, along with a Playtest rules file containing two new rules proposals that may be included in the forthcoming Task Force Zeta Vol. 2: Fleet Auxiliaries.

Strike Legion is the recipient of the 2011 Gaming Genius 'Golden Pawn Pro' award for Best Non-Historical or Speculative Miniatures Rules!


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