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Legionnaire Games is celebrating its 5th birthday this year, and we want to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of the players and customers who have helped us along the way!

To celebrate, we’ll be giving away printed copies of all current (and some future) Strike Legion and Task Force Zeta products to one lucky customer - that’s 9 books and 7 sets of Data Cards, retailing at almost $340.00! The winner will receive the following products:

Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium
Strike Legion: The VICAR Project

Strike Legion Tactical Beginner’s Guide, plus the Beginner’s Guide

   Data Card Set (not available for general sale)
Strike Legion: Planetary Operations (Revised Edition)
The War That Never Was
Strike Legion: Platoon Leader
, plus the Platoon Leader Data Card Set
Task Force Zeta: Ships of the Line, plus the attendant Data Card Set
Task Force Zeta: Fleet Auxiliaries, plus the attendant Data Card Set
Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel, with the matching Data Card Set
Plus two Strike Legion Tactical Data Card Sets from the forthcoming Strike Legion Battle Pack series, featuring new and existing units for the Earth Protectorate, Derali, and 5th Russik Mercenary Regiment factions introduced in the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium!

How YOU can win:

  • Purchase any Legionnaire Games PDF valued at $4.95 or higher from Wargame Vault, RPGNow or DriveThruRPG between April 5, 2016 and April 25, 2016.
  • Each person will receive one entry for each item purchased over the minimum dollar amount.
  • Email a copy of your receipt to us (at info at LegionnaireGames dot com) with CONTEST ENTRY in the email header and your name in the body of the email to be entered into the contest. Receipts must be received no later than 0000 hours (PDT; GMT -8) on Monday, May 2, 2016 to qualify for entry.
  • See below for restrictions and exclusions.

The winner will be drawn randomly from all valid submitted entries, and announced on Monday, May 9th, 2016 on our Facebook page (

Thanks again for a great five years!
(Offer void where prohibited by law. Gaming wholesalers and retailers are specifically excluded from entry. Contest winner is responsible for all taxes, duties and other fees that may be associated with receipt of prizes/gifts (shipping fees excluded - we’re taking care of that). Contest winner should allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery of prizes after the winner is announced. Total prize value of $338.90 may not be exchanged for cash or other considerations).

11 February 2016 - Once again, several updates (we really should do this more often...):

  • The Strike Legion: Planetary Operations PDF rulebook has been completely revised, including improved page layout and graphics updates, several minor rules and SLT to SLPO unit conversion clarifications and additions, and substantial revisions to Missile and Air Marker attacks. If you've already purchased the PDF version of this game, all you need do to obtain the Revised Edition is visit your Wargame Vault account's Library section and download the file once again. Note that this will have minimal effect on existing Planetary Operations unit Data Cards; some of them may receive modifications in the form of enhanced Assault or Firefight bonuses, but no major revisions are necessary to use existing Data Cards with the Revised Edition rulebook.
  • Proofs for the print edition of Planetary Operations are on their way to us as we type this. Should all look as expected, the print edition will be available for purchase on or before Feb. 20th.
  • We've also released the Strike Legion Tactical Beginner's Guide for sale. This 18-page Guide walks new players through the basics of the Strike Legion Tactical game system in 4 short chapters - Basic Vehicle Combat, Large Vehicles, Personnel Combat and Artillery - each of which contains a scenario illustrating the rules concepts presented in that chapter, along with references to specific sections of the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium that players can consult for more in-depth play options. All of this is available to new players for about the price of a cup of (regular) coffee, and is included as a free download when you purchase the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium.
  • The Strike Legion Tactical Workshop beta testing is proceeding well, if a bit slowly; still a few minor bugs to squish, but it's functioning well enough for use to use in-house to begin the (formerly) time-consuming task of updating the existing Strike Legion Tactical army list downloads. While some lists were originally going to be converted before others, minor software functionality issues have limited what we are able to complete at this time. The newest updates include the 4 lists from the Spicy Sands fictional setting; others will follow in regular intervals as software issues are rectified.
  • With Sword and Shield, our first Fantasy gaming release, is currently in the hands of  playtesters. This is a mass battles game that will include a number of pre-generated army lists for use in learning the rules, along with complete unit creation rules  that include guidelines for creating units and armies geared toward competitive and casual gaming environments.

That's all for the moment, save that Task Force Zeta and Close Quarters players can look for updated and revised editions of those product lines throughout the year - and maybe a new title or two, depending on how the year develops.